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Faculty Board membership

Faculty Board membership

Class (a)(i) Two heads of department within the Faculty (ex-officio) Professor Richard Harrison
Professor Bhaskar Vira
Class (a)(ii) (Three Professors assigned to the Faculty, elected by the Faculty Board, serve for 2 or 4 years as Faculty Board decides) Professor Ulf Buentgen Until 31 December 2023

Professor Sergei Lebedev

Until 31 December 2023
Professor Clive Oppenheimer Until 31 December 2023
Class (b) Two members appointed by Council (serve for 2 years) Professor Sarah Radcliffe Until 31 December 2022
Dr Sanne Cottaar Until 31 December 2023
Class (c) Ten members elected by the Faculty (serve for 4 years) Professor Emma Mawdsley, Dr John Rudge (on leave LT and ET 2022: Dr Rachael Rhodes covering) Until 31 December 2022
Professor Alex Jeffrey (on leave MT 2021 and LT 2022: Dr Andrew Friend covering), Dr Oliver Shorttle, Dr Owen Weller Until 31 December 2023
Professor Matthew Gandy (on leave LT and ET 2022: Professor Michael Hulme covering), Dr David Wallis Until 31 December 2024
Professor Ian Farnan, Dr W Gareth Rees, Dr Christopher Sandbrook Until 31 December 2025

Class (d) (Up to two) members co-opted by the Faculty Board (serve for 1 year or part year)

Professor Charlotte Lemanski, Dr Adam Strange (Secretary)

Until 31 December 2022

Class (e)
One representative from the Faculty of Biology

Director of the Scott Polar Research Institute


Dr Neil Arnold

Until 31 December 2023


Class (f) Three student members

Vacancy (Geographical Tripos), Sam Hutton (Natural Sciences Tripos: Physical), Christina Meister (Postgraduate)

Until 31 December 2022
Note: Chair of Faculty Board and Degree Committee Professor Ian Farnan Until 31 December 2022


School of Physical Sciences Dr Jim Bellingham
Secretary of Degree Committee (Faculty of Earth Sciences and Geography) Dr Anna Constantas
Board of Land Economy Vacancy
Faculty Board of Physics and Chemistry Mrs Angela Macharia
Faculty Board of Mathematics Professor John Lister